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The Lucis Trust started out as the “Lucifer Publishing Company” by their own admissions (yea so don’t call them the Lucifer Trust!). They have a group called the “World Goodwill” that has a NGO (non-government organization) seat at the UN. I guess even Satan worshipers have their place in world government, o yea that is […]

Everything mentioned here except the couple of places that are in parentheses are Bertrand Russell’s quotes. He stands for the extreme perverse of psychology, and wants a scientific dictatorship much like what is described in the books “Brave New World” or “1984″. Know that a majority of the people controlling the levers of power think […]

Haha this is to funny! Obama’s own doctor saying Obama-dont-care plan is crap, and he owes his allegiance to private industry execs. Wait, you mean Obama is not a doctor, and does not know what is best, and he is just doing as his puppet masters tell him do as they pull his strings from […]

The first time I ever bought a cassette tape with my own money was Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magic, and I would listen to the entire thing every night when going to sleep. I have most of the songs ingrained in my brain (there were a couple of songs on it I […]

Homosexuality Is A Virus

September 6th, 2009

gays choose to prescribe to the unnatural idea of having sex with partners of the same sex, and thus denying perception in the life cycle. The only way for them to keep the homosexual ideal alive is infecting / persuading normal people with their sick ideas or “knowledge” of sex for sex sake. Not only are they dead to the human life cycle they are dead in the spiritual since also…

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