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Sorry for the cap lock but 24 trillion is almost 2 times the GDP of the united states. It has been a few months since the last numbers came out which was 13.8 trillion if I do remember correctly. I was expecting to see 16 or 18 but no, 24 trillion… Guess they figured while […]

No this cartoon is not from todays paper, it originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune in 1934 during the great depression. Just change the names and it looks like the same old $*#@ different century. I saw this political cartoon posted on infowars and it reminded me that I needed to find an article talking […]

This is a very in depth and well researched article about the engineered economic collapse or “banker takeover” as he calls it. It explains the ponzi scheme, how they used it to further exploit fractional lending, and the financial gambling all the “too big to fail” banks were involved in. He also asks the question […]

Did you know the bailout money that you will be paying for years to come with your taxes, and inflation is being given to foreign banks? Large portions of money given to AIG in its share of bailout money was given to banks in England, France and Germany. This is a little under 200 billion […]

The Obama administration & Chris Dodd are arguing about who was responsible for writing in a loop hole for the companies that have already received bailout money to give bonuses with that money. So basically the bill is only for money to be given out in the future. O yes get ready for more bailouts… […]

Last time I brought up the total cost of the bailout back in November it was 7.7 Trillion. Well that number has gone up another two trillion since then, and sad part about is that this article is a little over a month old. I have told a few of you about a cool little […]

Chuck has made some major strides in the past few months about waking up to the New World Order… First he has came to his senses about his whole Mike Huckabee thing, and is now Ron Paul supporter. Then he goes on Alex Jones’ show and admits he has been listening for years.  Now he […]

Pat Robertson claims he heads out to the mountains once a year to talk to God. This year his predictions are wide spread poverty and a dramatic power shift in favor of big socialistic government which Americans will embrace (So Obama really is a Nazi?). This will be followed by an economic turn around by […]

With the possibility of the United States slipping into rebellion much like Iceland, Athens and other cities/nations isn’t it nice to know the Army will be trained and already on American soil (which is against the law by the way) ready to stomp dissent into the ground? Army Times states that there will now be […]

Preachers have been coming forward saying that FEMA is giving classes to the heads of churches telling them to preach to their flocks that they must submit to government’s will because it is of the lord. The plan is to use Judas goat preachers spouting Romans 13 to get us to give up our guns, […]

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