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This is kind of a follow up post to my comments on 3doors down, and kid rock backing the never ending Iraq and Afghanistan wars with their propaganda music videos. There are still some voices out there singing about government corruption. Ignite I have never heard of this band before but I definitely like their […]

A quick Google search brings up the following articles about how the us government is using major portions of the National Guard as a substitute for the Army Reserve.  If we are in such a dire need of troops why are we stationing standard Army forces in Georgia (the U.S. State) to suppress the American […]

I guess the old ideals of rock in roll bands being against big government and wars are long gone. It looks like 3 doors down likes our British type empire thing we have going on. They have made a video called “Citizen Soldier” that is basically an infomercial for the national guard – complete with […]

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